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Turmeric has hundreds of molecular constituents, each with a variety of biological activities.

One database presented over 326 known biologically active molecules in this magnificent hero root - Turmeric. 

  • 20 molecules that are anti-biotic
  • 14 that are known cancer preventatives
  • 12 that are anti-tumor
  • 12 are anti-inflammatory
  • 10 different anti-oxidants.


What else? It’s about 70% carbohydrates, 7% protein, 4% minerals, and at least 4% essential oils. It also has vitamins, other alkaloids, and is about 1% resin.


We at TAKA –TURMERIC are all for presenting the whole package –and giving you ingredients as Nature intended.


“Accept the whole package – worts ‘n all” 


We do realize that the star of the show in our humble hero is Curcumin.

But we reckon our yella fella Curcumin is going to miss his other 325 buddies if we take him away from the rest of the cast.


And we might have a show stopper. Or worse, science certainly has a history of attempting to genetically modify nature, and then a decade or two later we discover that it wasn’t actually such a great idea.

Sshh shouldn’t I have said that out aloud?


Well anyway…We believe Nature intended it’s chemistry to be just so, and that It cannot be beaten.

Ok admittedly we do like a bit of alchemy, ancient knowledge and modern science backs this up - so we add natural ingredients to amplify its benefts and absorption.

Oh yesss?

Like coconut for the fat factor ( it is a fat soluble molecule) and black pepper to help it’s absorption into the blood stream (yes it needs help) these as well as other tasty spices happen to amplify the taste factor too -lucky for our recipe and your taste buds.


So there you are – you have part of our secret synergy. If you want the rest its all on the back of our box.

We even put together a 100% organic and ethically sourced product!

For all our health and for our future generations… 



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