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And... Curcumin is Turmeric’s star player!

Curcumin is Turmeric’s most studied active ingredient. It delivers an abundance of medicinal benefits.

Certified Organic Turmeric legally cannot be tampered with and so will always have the full amount of Curcumin: on average around 3 – 5%.

Beware of counterfeit turmeric which has been colored and has no curcumin at all.

We strongly advise to take it as Nature intended – whole, rather than an extract. Combined with a fat and pepper enables the digestion of curcumin, and that is the synergy which we at Taka-turmeric adhere to in all our products.

Why do we all need it?

It is an anti-oxidant warrior, fighting off damaging free radicals that weaken our bodies and invite invasive health problems that impair joy and vitality. Curcumin is anti-inflammatory, easing conditions like arthritis, cancer, cholesterol and digestive issues. It is even widely used to treat depression and improve brain function!

It also brings that golden-orange coloring, just as a little added bonus ;}}.

To your health and happiness 🙂

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