The ache you feel after a lot of exercise is painful and can have you shuffling around seeking relief. No one is spared that painful burn when it comes to pushing the limits with exercise.


What you need the most is rest, lots of healthy food with proteins, some natural botanicals to speed up the healing process, extra fluid and a good nights sleep.

OH and a pat on the back for all that hard work. Your body is getting fitter, stronger and your muscles are adapting.

YOO HOO! Sporty people! There have been thousands of studies on the powerful effect Turmeric can have on post sports recovery, as well as for many inflammatory diseases.

If you demand more from your nutrition, and truly care for your body and what you put into it you will be thrilled to hear about how effective Turmeric can be for you.

Supplementing with Turmeric is not like taking anti-inflammatories, which have some nasty side effects and are well known to perpetuate injuries by desensitizing pain receptors, causing well known ‘ injury upon injury ‘ and the waves of inflammation, which follow.   This damage accumulates over time and causes many athletes to give up their favorite sport .


Taka Turmeric products to the rescue!


Taka - Turmeric products are designed to activate the effects of curcumin found naturally in turmeric. Incorporating it into your culinary life in the form of daily enjoyable beverages is a perfect way to ‘Let your food be your medicine’.

Not only will you be raising your health to the next level, you will experience much faster sports recovery .

Taka - Turmeric urge you to use Turmeric as part of your diet, rather than expensive extracts, which are questionable for liver health.

Perfected by Nature, Turmeric consumed daily in the form our beverages provide ongoing and preventative healing.

Activated Turmeric in this way heals inflammation, pain, improves brainpower and liver health, as well as being a cancer preventative. Pretty relevant for this day and age!

We did the research, all of our ingredients work together in a marvelous synergy to enhance the absorption of curcumin by at least 1000%.

Drink our 100% organic wonderful tasting teas, latte, and hot chocolate or add our smoothie mix to your breakfast smoothie or cereal. We also have turmeric with pepper extract in a tablet form - for that extra dose sometimes required for health reasons or injury.

To your vibrant health,

The Taka Team

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