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100 years of Botanical depletion for the human race due to Pharmaceuticals replacing Herbal remedies.


And what do we get? Ahum… more diseases than ever in the history of man, plus the side effects, resistant germs, and complications of these drugs.

In the old days diseases were more rare. They even had a “The” in front of them “The plague”. They were marked down as historical events.

Nowadays there are too many to count and are effecting young and old and causing much suffering.

We are often depleted of energy, minds can’t concentrate or memory is poor, we all have loved ones we’v lost to terrible diseases, we have low immune systems and deep down we are fearful of getting something scary ourselves. 

It also takes HUGE efforts to get healthy and stay that way. In order to keep up with a stressful lifestyle, to combat an abundance of toxins, radiation and pollution from our food, water and even the air we breathe, it seems we have to supplement, detox, de stress – all kinds of de ing just to be normal? This can’t be right.

Now more than ever, and certainly more than 100 yearso ago! - we urgently need to start to fortify our whole being with the forces Nature has provided for hundreds of thousands of years.

Occasionally we may need vitamins and artificial chemicals… but the NORM should be to be consuming botanicals during the day to fortify our whole body, mind and emotions.

Nature has provided these and there really are botanicals for every ailment, and to even prevent every ailment.

Doesn’t it make sense to prevent any illness from ever happening in the first place?

Everything we need for thriving health in body, mind and emotions are to be found in the plant kingdom.



Around 100 years ago Pharmaceutical companies took over the medical world. Most people believed it was progress.Natural medicine was dismissed, dis - regarded and shall we just say dissed altogether.

They even made a simple change of our perception by changing the idea of Natural Medicine to - “Alter Native” – how far from the truth is that?

Humans had been including natural botanical healing herbs in their daily life for thousands of years before that…

All of a sudden we turned to chemicals for our healing.

And now we are really feeling the side effects.



There is a surge of collective consciousness moving towards more natural things in many aspects of life.

This is the age of ‘Authentic’ - ism that if you prefer. 

Nothing is more authentic than going out into your garden and picking herbs and making a tea from them, and completely curing yourself of an ailment, like heart burn, lack of concentration, pain in the joints or a head ache for example. 

Whether you are treating an illness or preventing any illness completely - we urge everyone to turn to botanicals to raise their level of health to cope with this day and age, and to include them in your daily way of life.



Not everyone has every green, yellow, red, purple or orange herb or flower in their garden.

Many professionals are doing this for you, just like the old days when the medicine people gathered and prepared the cures for the villagers.

We are one of these noble professions who do exactly this, it is our absolute passion and pleasure to source, gather and provide healing and health enhancing beverages straight from Nature.


The Taka team are genuinely concerned with providing Natural Botanicals, and we have found some to be particularly relevant for this day and age and these we blend in perfect synergies for you to simply brew or consume conveniently.


There is a difference with our products. We went to utmost care to source ingredients un-polluted by toxins and certified organic.

It wasn’t easy and took a long time, but SO worth it.

Also they are delicious, I know… it sounds like a commercial at this stage, but seriously – look at the ingredients.

Give them a go, and try them daily to really feel the difference.

We have taken years getting our recipes to taste delicious and to become 100% organic with all our ingredients.

And we did this to spread our love of the healing power of natural botanicals, especially and only those which are unpolluted by any chemicals, and grown ethically.

With Care,

The Taka Team

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