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What does mom say about cardamom?

I first discovered one of the most fantastic benefits of cardamom 20 years ago while studying Ayurveda and it has been a staple in my diet & medicine cabinet ever since.

Cardamom is a spice that originated in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. 

This incredible spice all wrapped up in a pod is an antidote for the toxic effects of too much caffeine…. You know the over stimulation you feel from too much coffee? Well if you open up a couple of cardamom pods and chew on the tasty seeds, you will feel relief in seconds.

It also calms the acidic effect of drinks like tea, coffee and rich foods, and there’s more! It also reduces mucous and gas build-up from eating certain foods.

Cardamom is known to act as a detoxifying agent, improve blood circulation and help with nausea and sore throats.


Cardamom also contain cineole which is a natural breath freshener and combats gum decease, cavities and bad breath.

Isn’t Nature wonderful to package a natural breath freshener in a pod you can virtually keep in your pocket?

Most Middle Eastern countries brew their coffee with cardamom for the taste and the wellness factor.

For these reasons we added cardamom to our brews too. Try our Golden (loose) Tea or our Golden Chai teabags for a healthy alternative, especially if you wish to aid your digestion and heal yourself from within, naturally.

To your good health!


(The KA in TAKA)

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