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Black pepper is a super-heroines best friend!

Besides radiating delicious heat, pepper also protects us with it’s many healing rays.

Turmeric’s feisty friend pepper is not just a flavor companion, but helps us too - by boosting the bio availability of Turmeric (which metabolizes so swiftly in the gut and liver it leaves little time for absorption).


The piperine in black pepper gives the body enough time to absorb the benefits of *Curcumin before it is digested by gastric juices. This increases the absorption of Turmeric by 2000%! And it aids cells in retaining what they absorb for longer too!

But wait, there’s more… it does the same for other food nutrients, and for your medications or supplements.

And it takes a tiny amount of pepper to do all this. So that is why we sprinkled some of that goodness into all of our products - to your health and happiness 🙂!


The Taka Team

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